About Us

About Kibele Energy

Kibele Energy in cooperation with leading brands and experts started to find solutions in such fields as energy, electricity, automation, solar energy systems, renewable energy systems, mining, construction, foreign trade with reliable, fast and quality service.

By using our works about solar energy and our experience in this area we managed to construct our own solar power plants and started to produce power in our country.

Our company, which completed its research work on biogas and biomass, focused primarily on energy production. With the completion of municipal and state permits and processes and the acceleration of investment, we will continue to contribute to the energy needs of our country. In connection with biomass, we have accelerated our domestic and international studies and negotiations and are trying to achieve our performance goals.

We are providing consultancy services in engineering and regulatory matters for investors in the energy sector by using our technical capability, reliable service culture and years of experience.

By following the science and technology related to mining, we based ourselves on the methods and activities used by the world’s leading companies. We are producing the solutions which enable you to generate your resources in the most efficient and economical way, solve your capital constraints, benefit from public support and incentives at the highest level and reach new sources. We also produce solutions for determining the prices of mines and their buying and / or selling.

By using the solutions for the development of the companies in modern foreign trade concept we are providing our service to the local and foreign companies which are oriented to the world markets and institutions and making a contribution to the economy of the country.

We are providing our solutions to companies from energy, mining and construction sectors by using market researches, evaluation of regional condition, creation of alternative scenarios, investment cost’s calculation of alternative scenarios, prefeasibility and risk analysis.