Mining in Kibele Energy

Our company is a company which with it’s vision and mission has the best service to our country, which is striving to provide final and permanent solutions in geotechnical-engineering issues by closely following developments and technology and knowledge.

We are producing solutions that enable you to generate your resources in the most efficient and economical way, solve your capital constraints, benefit from public support and incentives at the highest level and reach new sources.

Consultancy services;

  • •Determination of mine prices and buying-selling processes
  • •3D modeling of mine reserve calculations
  • •Geological, geotechnical and hydrological, hydro geological survey report
  • •Forest permits, environmental permits and other reports

Our technical studies;


  • •Advanced remote sensing and satellite technology systems for underground surveys
  • •Geochemical studies
  • •Geological and mineralogical surveys

    Our solutions;

  • •Identification and discovery of oil basins and reservoirs
  • •Discovery of hidden underground mineral resources
  • •Research, reserve and quality determination of mining, gold, silver, copper, zinc-lead, iron, manganese, coal and stone quarry
  • •Survey of industrial raw materials and radioactive minerals (uranium, thorium, osmium, boron etc.)
  • •Research on geothermal energy resources and mineral waters, reservoir areas, flow routes, determination of underground basin topography, determination of formation processes and characteristics
  • •Corrosion and route determination works of oil and natural gas pipelines
  • •Analysis of bases, ceilings and walls of structures, services for restoration
  • •Determination of vertical drilling starting point for subsurface targets
  • •Studies on proper salt reserves for natural gas storage and development of these areas, works in finding solutions by providing all type of work which is necessary for investor to make investment ready.